The Vortex Exchange

The Vortex Exchange will be a zero fee, instant exchange, and peer-to-peer. We will carry all the costs for operating the exchange and hold none of the assets or risks associated with the volatility. Our revenue stream is generated from the data we acquire by facilitating all these transactions. Vortex Exchange is free because the data is more valuable than any revenue. Capturing the largest market share requires the lowest price point and highest service level possible. Free and instant is that optimum level.

A National Chartered Bank

The largest problem within the cryptocurrency universe is the limited number of traditional banks that understand the business well enough to offer banking services to these customers. Our CEO is a former banking executive with decades of experience in the traditional banking and financial services industry. Our business plan is simple: purchase a nationally chartered bank and provide these services for ourselves, our customers, and even our competitors. Vortex will provide the capital to this bank and will become its first primary investor and client. Vortex will own an interest in the bank company. The bank will be rebranded from its original charter as part of this change in ownership. The banking entity will then continue to operate in existing and traditional banking channels while expanding the offerings in digital asset classes, culminating in a diversified multinational financial services and investment corporation.

Freedom Pay/Donations

It is no secret that online money transfer services like PayPal and Patreon are fraught with fraud, scams, and are even hostile to certain classes of customers. For both financial and political reasons, this is a natural marketplace target for our competitive blockchain addition. There is a significant market being ignored or untapped by the traditional chain banks and underserved by smaller regional or local banks. The decentralized and secure nature of crypto makes it ideal to lead the way into these emerging markets.