Liberty Coin Farms

Our mining operation is set up to operate as many independently structured stand-alone LLCs, and our first entity has a capacity of 300 miners which is a monthly revenue of approximately $100,000 for November 2020, at 1MW of electrical use.

Mining, Minting, and Farming

Whichever is used, these terms refer to the actual process of creating crypto assets or causing to be added to the existing pool of actual digital coinage. Vortex in its initial holdings will be mining SHA-256 hashes, such as bitcoin.

Mining does have its limits. Mining is the safe, solid, assured crypto assets foundation investment, as mining assures the existence and growth of these crypto currencies, without which their value becomes zero. Therefore, mining will by its very design and nature remain highly profitable. But in the years to come it may not always enjoy its present tremendously profitable growth trajectory. Hence, Vortex also has aggressive plans using our deep coin reserves to jump to the forefront and expand our operations to enter other spaces across the crypto universe.

Is Mining/Farming Profitable?

Every mining machine is part of the larger pool, and thus shares in the total revenue of the entire network. The fees generated are mathematically fixed and predictable. Over the last 5 years, the actual historical average has been nearly $12 per day, per machine, of gross generated income in these transaction fees.

What is the Revenue Model?

In mining today, we have one location with 7.5 Megawatts of power which can manage 2,400 of the newest mining rigs generating a maximum revenue of approximately $10 per machine, after expenses, per day, or $24,000 US daily; $720,000 monthly. We have access to 100s of megawatts and the ability to grow at less than $1.00 per watt in 90 days or less for each new buildout. There is no theoretical limit to the mining growth or our access to sufficient power.

Mining is basic, and everyone in this space understands these numbers, the costs, and the returns. The basic mining return is somewhere around 6-12 months, assuming no debt, and that mining maintains its average payout and difficulty index gap. It is often cheaper to borrow mining capital than to be forced to selling newly minted coins every month just to pay bills. Holding those coins as assets is our plan.

Hold for Growth and Invest Holdings

Our strategy is to hold these new coins until they appreciate in value. The growth in the value of bitcoin has far exceeded every other metric in the marketplace, consistently outperforming stocks, bonds, and highly speculative ventures for the last 10 years. We expect this trend to continue because at its core, a cryptocurrency is just math. It is coded to behave in exactly this manner, and thus be stable long term, even if the daily valuations suggest high volatility.

Mining Overview

Mining always generates value because it produces new bitcoins. It is always profitable because mining is the method by which the network is supported and maintained. Mining’s only potential for loss is if bitcoin crashes to zero.

Many companies in this space are in financial trouble because they have a mine-to-sell-for-cash-flow business model. Liberty Coin Farms does not. We operate on two principles: cash reserves and investment income. Liberty does not plan to sell its coins to generate operating capital. Mining companies that are funded by external means can afford to hold the coins that they mine and strategically wait until the market value rises to a more favorable selling price.

Growth in mining is a simple and direct set of fixed costs for any mining company. Our business strategy of “mine and hold” versus those of the “mine and sell” makes Vortex / Liberty a more sustainable and profitable investment.

Growth Scale

Our mining operation is capable of turnkey operations in 90 days. The cost is a direct 1 to 1. One dollar per watt of power: $1M US will build a 1MW mining operation, complete at less than $0.05 per KwH, with a net of around $10 per machine. This one-million-dollar, one-megawatt build operates with one pod filled with 300 top of the line miners. Liberty can deploy significantly more than 100 pods concurrently in any 90 day period at this 1 to 1 funding level. Our growth plan is to deploy as many new pods as possible based on capital investments and returns.