Our First Priorities

Vortex Blockchain Technologies, Inc., is involved in all aspects of the blockchain future. Our first efforts are those which produce immediate cash flow: mining new bitcoins through Liberty Coin Farms which consists of multiple privately held Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), and day trading bitcoins through Quantum Capital Fund, which also consists of multiple privately held LLCs.

Vortex Blockchain Technologies, Inc.

Vortex is more than just a mining or trading company. We have a three-year, multi-platform, multi-product roadmap that touches all aspects of the blockchain. These aspects include hardware, software, exchanges, FINTEC, CRM, rights management, and cyber-security. Our multifaceted vision and mission, our longstanding relationships with government decision-makers, and our relentless drive to produce a secure and impeccable voting system, make Vortex unique among all other companies in the digital currency arena.

Vortex plans to turn the world of proprietary systems companies on its head. Driven by our commitment to decentralization, security, and transparency across the industry, we will replace the present, worn-out, half-century-old paradigm of bloated, ever-consolidating, ever-vulnerable, ever-secretive companies. We can decentralize AI and leverage smart contracts and powers of multi-parallel processing with the security of the blockchain. This provides a near infinite scalability with data integrity and provides consensus learning in real time.

We have aggressive plans to disrupt the hardware sphere by releasing competitive projects for internal use and retail/wholesale channels to facilitate a wider consumer adoption. We will pursue the development of the currency of the future. Our focus will be to ensure that the code-base that is used is one that is supported by our hardware following the model of Apple. We can enter the finance and exchange sphere with our own reserves. More than half of the 100 crypto exchanges in the world trade at volume lower than our expected monthly output.

We can provide unparalleled and immutable data security. Data is becoming more valuable than any currency. Under current conditions this is centralized storage and presents a single point of entry and failure. Blockchain provides the decentralized, stateless, and headless solution with consensus writing and user read only attributes. The future is one of an entirely new hardware and software architecture; and Vortex, using the blockchain, is just the beginning of this journey.

Our plan extends beyond our own internal corporations detailed in this proposal. Vortex intends to aggressively compete in the acquisition and development of additional start-up ventures by funding these outside projects through our own venture capital-based accelerator in a “Combinator” or “Shark Tank” entity.


Unlike the closed, proprietary systems of our competitors, our ability to capture market share is based on trust. Trust is of immeasurable value and the abuses present in existing systems are well documented and destructive to liberty. Our competitors will not change. The bright promise of public systems integrity via blockchain’s open ledger technology can only be secured by citizen initiatives like Vortex. Our enterprise to reclaim the future of information technology for “We the People” will help restore accountable self-government.