S.I. - Synthetic Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has no future on legacy data platforms. The last 50 years of re-writable data reminds us daily that our existing methodology is fraught with vulnerabilities. Attempting to build a network of artificially intelligent machines in such a state is irresponsible at best, and most likely simply unworkable.

A.I. will find its natural home first, in the internet of things (IoT) where every device needs to communicate with every other device and where a single person is no longer able to keep track of so many devices at once. Our approach is S.I. and will disrupt the entire existing ecosystem as it is currently being developed by the tech giants of today. Vortex plans to spin off an entire corporate division on A.I. called “Advanced Machine Intelligence” or ami.


Advanced Machine Intelligence (ami) is a cutting-edge blockchain technology application that is focused on natural learning and distributed computing. ami converges the disciplines and emerging technologies of the blockchain, graphene circuitry and power, with synthetic intelligence (also referred to as “artificial intelligence” or AI) at the edge of the next revolution in technologies: quantum computing.

Focusing on direct natural learning, ami’s SI is breaking from the trend to solve machine learning via deep learning, which is nothing more than millions upon millions of trial-and-error loops, ami makes the definitive statement that deep learning’s costs and failures are a technological dead end. In the same way that individual PCs supplanted giant mainframes and their dumb terminals, and brought forth the concepts of distributed systems, ami’s natural real time learning and advanced graphene hardware will support multiple blockchain secured data streams, eclipsing deep learning parallel processing systems.