Vortex Voting Platform: Vballot (V1)


Our solution is an asymmetrical multi-keyed enveloped data hash algorithm. That language means simply that different passwords are used to reveal different information stored within the actual set of data.

Mining vs Data

Both crypto mining and data integrity use the blockchain, yet neither is dependent on the other. Vortex exploits the potential profits of all aspects of the blockchain, which can be adopted for use in every purpose of data used today: monetary transactions, smart contracts, data security, and media.

About Virtual Coins

Vortex is designing its own blockchain on the proof-of-trust consensus model. Our Vcoin is a stable coin and based on the proven economic standard of the United States dollar. Staking or holding Vcoins allows a voting interest in the future direction and operations of the chain.
Vortex believes that the world needs a stable and inflation-resistant monetary system, a reliable store of wealth that allows for a reasonable but mathematical growth opportunity, and a secure, decentralized, peer-to-peer, digital platform. However, none of the existing systems of the world, whether fiat or crypto, can or have accomplished this. We believe that it is critical and urgently needed. This is our focus.
The first generation of digital currency coins, Bitcoin, has its limitations; this is why hundreds of alternative coins have been created since Bitcoin emerged. However, the best-known second generation coin, Ethereum, has been moving away from a proof-of-work model to a proof-of-stake model for several years now. That is why we believe that a third-generation coin must be created, and Vortex is pursuing this path.

Future Coin: Trust Starts with Security

The keys to wide acceptance and proliferation of any new technology are these seven: Security, Transparency, Stability, Scalability, Clarity, Expediency, and Opportunity. The reason that no other cryptocurrency has overtaken Bitcoin (for all its limitations) is that, in trying to improve on the original, they have missed one or more of these critical elements.

(1) Security
Security is paramount. Hacks, breaches, and forks have taken their toll on the alternative digital assets market. None of these has been immune for one reason or another. The “Future Coin” in whatever form it may take, must ensure that security is first. This is the core principle of Vortex and why we are focused on creating a new blockchain.

(2) Transparency
Most of the cryptosphere agrees on this point. Secrecy, proprietary programs, and copyrighted applications have dominated the technical market since the beginning. This ecosystem has not encouraged innovation, it has stifled it. The widest adoption has been achieved by open projects which is one of the reasons why bitcoin remains as number one, in spite of its shortcomings.

(3) Stability
Vortex’s VCoin is a stable coin. It is designed and coded for an economic engine that aligns with the way people expect the markets of the world to work and grow and evolve for the 21st century and beyond.

(4) Scalability
The world economy is estimated to be 100 trillion in equivalent US Dollars. The future coin must be able to quickly and steadily achieve this level of commercial increase in overall market value without the risks of volatility.

(5) Clarity
Any digital asset needs exceptional and simple clarity for its denominations. Everyone on Earth understands what the value of a US Dollar is. Few if any have even the slightest idea what 0.0027819 of some crypto currency might be at any given hour.

(6) Expediency
To compete with the electronic transactions of centralized fiat currencies, Vcoin will execute in real time. Nothing is more detrimental to everyday use of a digital asset than lags, wait states, or unverified transactions.

(7) Opportunity
The lack of a real opportunity is what has dashed the hopes of a majority of potential future coin attempts. No one wants to adopt some new platform that will suddenly make someone else rich. Bitcoin succeeded and holds its own today because anyone can get in on a level playing field at any time. VCoin will be an expressly “Zero Day Coin.”


The whole sphere of data management is ripe for the benefits of blockchain technologies. Legacy platforms are rife with breaches, hacks, data loss, and conflicting customer profiles. The blockchain solves all these issues and the infrastructure that Vortex is building is perfect for applications in every available data field which currently exists. Starting with our highly secure voting platform ensures that we have only one record for any individual adult. From this solid, single Vtoken address, we will build a user-controlled, -owned, and -managed platform from which all their other data services can be initiated.

Every single database on the Earth is a candidate to be converted to our blockchain application. In just a few short years, no legacy systems will exist. The security, costs, and benefits of the blockchain ensure a 100% migration, and Vortex is poised to be the world’s premier leader in this space.

Film/Music/IP Copyright

Outside of the problems of secure voting, one of the largest, most profitable, and most problematic opportunities for the blockchain is in the realm of intellectual property rights management. The Vortex team has extensive experience in the fields of media and entertainment, as well as the legal profession. These skills combined with our technology backgrounds provide the synthesis to develop the answer to this longstanding conundrum. No solution from outside the entertainment industry has succeeded. No solution from outside the technical industry has succeeded. Vortex has the winning answer because we come from and are deeply a part of both of these industries.