Since the beginnings of time, when man first wrote down information on stone tables and animal skins, records have been vulnerable to fraud, and intentional deception. The blockchain changes all that with a consensus system that ensure trust is verified, not by some 3rd party and the associated expenses and trust issues involved, but by math. Every problem of records keeping which has plagued mankind is resolved with the blockchain. Vortex’s mission is to facilitate the transfer of existing systems and data to the blockchain in the lowest cost per dataset possible and provide an absolute guarantee of that data.

Data security starts with replacing that which can be breached. Not only software but also hardware, and even the networks and architecture which support the technology, are exceedingly prone to undiscovered vulnerabilities. Vortex’s security plan starts with education and training. Vortex has a mission to train and develop the greatest cyber security and warfare training facility in the world. The transition from legacy to blockchain will take a generation, and this means millions of people, companies, and governments will remain vulnerable to these threats until the entire migration is complete.

Because legacy architecture allows users to alter the data! If someone, no matter how secret or complex, has permission to alter data or the data by rules of nature can be altered, then someone will always figure out how to alter it. Blockchain is immutable. Once created it cannot be altered. That is its entire nature, there is no permission to change it. The only permission that exists is to write additional appended data that can say what else has occurred.